The Issue of Divine Rescue

Addendum to previous post – Now Is Your Time

Last night Apostle (Papa) Wayne C. Anderson preached a great message on the rescue of God.  It is a very timely word – that we must not lose hope in the midst of the battles ahead and we need to be looking for His rescue.  This is the balancing message to my previous rantings, and it got me thinking that I should clarify my personal position on this critical issue of God’s rescue.

Lest anyone think that in my “no help is coming” premise, I’m somehow limiting God’s power or desire to intervene in our lives supernaturally,  I’m not.  Scripture is filled with instances where God intervenes in human history on behalf of His people when they are in trouble.  How could a loving God do anything less?  And we certainly require His intervention to fix the mess that we’re currently in.

Yet, we must also remember that most, if not every time God intervened in human history, He required some kind of faith-based action on the part of His people.  We must also realize that since the arrival of the Kingdom on earth, the government of God has shifted to His ecclesia (Church).  Prior to that, the people had no options but to cry out to God for rescue.  Today, God is incarnate and actively working through those who engage the Kingdom and make it a priority in their everyday lives.

Sadly, we’ve not done well at this as His governing Body on earth, and I believe this is the season for that to change.  God WILL intervene on our behalf, but he will not reward the irresponsibility and poor stewardship that got us into the mess we’re in.  I think we’ve spent all together too much time waiting for God to do something for us, while He is waiting for us to do what He commanded us to do the last time He was here.

Our only hope lies in the Kingdom of God coming to this earth in it’s fullness.  We can’t do it without God, and He won’t do it without us.  At least that is my understanding of the nature of the Kingdom.

“May Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

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  1. I have been thinking how much the church needs rescue these past few weeks. I have recently read about ministers that inspired me as a young Christian– their testimonies debunked and their credibility ruined. I have read about others that have been lambasted by the legalistic; everyone is a false prophet crowd. These are people that I know, I have been ministered to by, and fellowshipped with.

    I would like to be unapologetic in my need for rescue, my faith in a powerful and loving God and see His Kingdom come. How about you?

  2. I’m a little behind the times in catching this post of yours, Rich, so I apologize for jumping in this late.

    You’re articulating a lot of what I’ve been chewing on… economically (and potentially otherwise) I think we need to face the reality that things are going to get worse.

    The Scriptures are replete with examples of situations in which famine occurred. Those who endeavored to connect to their covenant with God were sustained in those seasons — sometimes with more… sometimes less proximity to the suffering going on around them.

    I believe this means that for us individually we have the opportunity to be properly positioned to receive the “rescue” you’re talking about. As a nation? As a people? Perhaps not so much.

    This is why I believe that now — more than ever — is a season in which hearing God is more crucial than ever.

    Thanks for provoking this discussion…

    Let the Kingdom come!

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