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Apostle Richard Carey

Apostle Richard Carey

Richard Carey is a reformer, a believer in the Barbarian Way of Christ, a radical, non-conformist, earth-changing, culture-shifting, sushi-eating, rock music loving warrior of the King.

Rich has served in pastoral/apostolic ministry for over 20 years.  Additionally he has owned and operated his own business since 1983 and has a passion to help believers realize their destiny out in the marketplace.

He is currently looking for fellow radicals who believe that the Kingdom cannot be constrained to the walls of any building, no matter how sacred, and that it is the only hope for our nation.

Published on August 30, 2008 at 2:02 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Hey Rich

    I am a Christian who has been in the same church for over 20 years, but lately I have become dissatisfied….because it seems that churches have become more man pleasers than Truth proclaimers…and I do respect my church, but I believe we have to reach out and not confine ourselves to the four walls that we have become used to …No church is all right…but our constant search for truth is….and its all in Gods word and seeking him..as the all source of truth….Bless you …I love your board that is so obviously full of integrity~~~~!!!

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