Inconvenient Debt – The Real Crisis

Al Gore (bless his pointy little head) won great acclaim for his “stellar” work reporting on the dreaded GLOBAL WARMING CRISIS.  Well, never fear, dear readers.  We shall not have time to worry about human carbon emissions much longer, for his party (the mindless robotic zombiods) are creating a far greater, undisputable and imminent crisis – the crisis of debt.  Your dollar is shrinking faster than a snowman in Florida.  Insanity has officially become the order of the day on the Hill.

The government has no money for these bailouts.  They have to borrow it from the Federal Reserve (a private banking entity) at interest, and fire up the presses to produce all this money.  Everytime they print a new dollar, every dollar you have in your wallet, bank account or shoebox is worth less.  How much less?  In this video, Glenn Beck explains.  Please SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  We must stop the insanity, or pretty soon, you’ll be carrying your money around in a wheelbarrow (study a bit of world history if you don’t believe me).

Inconvenient Debt by Glenn Beck

Click to Watch Video

God help us.  Please.

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  1. Powerful visual!! But it will fall on deaf ears because the alternative appears just too scary. Recently saw a wonderful PBS production on the plight of Monarch Butterflies- every year the third generation migrates 2000 plus miles from Canada to some very special mountains in Mexico – The trees there are key. The locals know the importance of preserving the trees but cut them down anyway because as they say ” we have no other way to feed our families”. This will not be a very good analogy but America knows the importance of not printing more money but as they say “we have no other way to feed our families”…. or so we believe!!!!!
    Outside of America, much of the world must painfully discover that “being” is the real value and may not lead to very much “having”. Here we are still trying to discover new ways of “having” which so far has not lead us to very much “being”.

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