Dear Mr. President, Please Don’t Kill The Babies

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Mr. President,

I am greatly disappointed in your decision to help abort unborn children.

I beg you, sir, please do not open the floodgates of abortion in this country, especially using tax dollars.  This is HIGHLY offensive to me, and a large number of my fellow Christians, many of whom supported you in this election.  You say you want God’s blessing upon our nation?  What if God views abortion as murder?  Apparently you do not believe that, but what if you are wrong?  If so, do you believe He will bless you during your term of office, or our nation if we continue to kill off the next generation out of convenience?  What if your  mother had aborted you?  In the future, please keep in mind that the unborn child is precious in the sight of God and that it is wrong to take an innocent life.  It seems to me that you are gambling on a very high level here, and you’ve only been President for a week.

Have you done any research on the financial consequences to our nation since we legalized abortion in this country?  Do you know how many tax dollars would be flowing into the Social Security system today from these workers who would now be paying into the system?  Do you know how many millions and millions of dollars that would be flowing through the economy had they been allowed to grow old enough to enter the workforce and become productive members of society?  Do you REALLY care about the future of America, or are you like every other politician who only cares about your term of office?

I believe you are an intelligent man.  I believe you have incredible potential to bring about the change you promised during your campaign.  We are facing many serious issues in this hour, and yet you have chosen to step boldly into what you know to be one of the most controversial and divisive issues that exists as one of your first official actions.

Shame on you, Mr. President.  I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in you right now.  Think of how many people I represent who do not take the time to write you and make their voices heard.  There are millions of us out here… and we are all very, very sad today.

Bottom line – you can choose to listen to the people, or you can choose to listen to God.  When you lay your head upon your pillow at night, which is most important to you?

May God have mercy on you, and upon our nation.

Rich Carey

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  1. OMG. Wow.

  2. Rich. I am really honored to know you. Thank you for your wisdom, your will to fight, and your persistence to pursue the Truth and the tencacity to share it with any and all who listen.

  3. Thanks for speaking for me and my family on this issue. After going for so long with out being able to have children I can’t for the life of me figure out why folks want to kill them. Thanks again Bro.

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